Andetectius is born with the objective of providing service and coverage to our clients in the country. The first professional agency of Private Investigation established in Andorra. We have the government license of the Principat d’Andorra to practice as Private Investigators in the country. Only detectives with official licenses in Andorra can carry out investigations in the country, any foreign detective acting in the Principality will be in breach of the law, with the serious consequences that can lead to both the illegal detective and the person or company that hired him.

Our training and our international experience, together with the maximum confidentiality with which we treat our clients and their problems, support our ability to act and the private investigation services we offer. Having carried out investigations abroad during the last years allows us to have a wide network of contacts in the main Spanish cities as in most European countries. We can manage investigations abroad from Andorra, for your greater confidence.

Our detectives act in compliance with current regulations, obtaining the evidence in a legal way. This allows our clients to bring the evidence obtained to Batllia or corresponding Court. As responsible for the investigation we will defend these tests and our action before the institutions that claim us.


We offer research services tailored to companies, lawyers and individuals. We specialize in discovering economic and health frauds, locating missing debtors, infidelities and parental controls. As well as other services designed to apply in the business environment.

The objective of any investigation that we realize is to be able to solve the problem that has our client. We provide evidence to demonstrate the information obtained throughout the investigation. We find the balance in the investment / benefit ratio for greater customer satisfaction.

Our headquarters is in Andorra, which allows us to act quickly and knowledge of the territory where we act.


Our international partnerships allow us to cover our clients in more than 30 countries around the world, with the ability to provide a comprehensive service to individuals, companies and lawyers.

At a time like the present, of internationalization of companies and globalization of societies, ANDetectius is the answer that needs. We arrive where the internal audit firms and various consulting firms do not. ANDetectius is the answer you need.



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