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(Español) Infidelidad

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The investigation of an infidelity is the first thing that comes to mind to anyone who thinks of a private investigator. It would become the “number one investigation” in the eyes of most people. And, despite not being the most frequent investigation, it is one of the most contracted.

When is it advisable to hire a private detective to detect infidelity?

It is advisable to hire a detective when there are reasonable doubts about the possible infidelity of the couple. We will only know at 100% that we are suffering an infidelity when the couple or a third person tells us, or when we discover it by ourselves.

The doubts of infidelity arise and are usually based on the fact of a change of attitude in the couple, such as spending more time than usual connected to social networks, receiving or answering calls / messages at unusual times, changing routines, keep in contact with new people, lengthening of working hours, etc. But this are only some indications. To have the certainty of this possible infidelity, the better option is to hire a private detective.

Situations in which our clients hire us

From our experience, we know that the clients who hire us to investigate infidelity are in two situations: The first is one in which our clients have the suspicion that the couple is unfaithful and seek to leave doubts. The second situation occurs when they have the certainty of be suffering an infidelity. So, if you have this certainty, why to hire a private investigator? Next we will see it.

First of all, if we suspect that we are suffering an infidelity, the work of a private detective can leave that doubts, either to prove that the couple is unfaithful or not, if we don’t find any situation of infidelity.

A 100% professional private investigator is in charge of finding the answers and the information that the client needs, and looking for a way to prove it with reliable evidence and delivering an official report that gathers these evidences (as documentary evidence, photos, videos, etc.) . It will even contribute and defend these evidences at court if necessary, which implies that it must be able to demonstrate that evidences. In addition, to guarantee the professionalism of the private detective, we always sign a contract with our clients for their peace of mind, guaranteeing that the work is carried out in a professional manner and with full legal guarantees.

The second case to hire a private detective is the case that our client have the certainty of suffering an infidelity. In this case, a private investigator is usually hired to have the evidence that can help our clients obtain better conditions in a negotiation in situations of divorce or separation of the couple.

Steps to keep in mind

When hiring a private detective to investigate infidelity, these suggestions can help you to make the investigation be a success:

– Cold head and blood: Do not tell the couple that infidelity is known or that a private detective will be hired, especially in tense discussions (although it seems obvious, at stress moments we can lose control of what is said).

– Attorney in law: If you have contract an attorney in law, tell them the option of hiring a private investigator.

– Private investigator: Contact a private detective agency licensed to practice in Andorra. * Foreign detectives or detectives without a government license can not practice in Andorra.

– Advice: Let yourself be advised by the private detective about the suitability or not of carrying out the services of a private investigator.

For any questions, please contact us and we will clarify all your doubts.

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