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ANDetectius is a group of professionals specializing in high private investigation with Private Investigation Training, as well as in Private Security and Criminology.

International experience gained in recent years as Detective supports us, allowing us to offer a quality private investigation services at the highest level. A quality of service comparable to that existing in the main European capitals with a tradition of large research agencies. Cities such as Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. With the aim of bringing this experience ANDetectius is born in Andorra.

ANDetectius is the first comprehensive private investigation agency in Andorra. Government licensed to conduct research in the country. Not only investigate situations classics such as infidelity, parental controls, obtaining evidence for divorce situations, location of missing persons and debtors, etc. Our experience allows us to conduct research with a high technological level. Capacity for analysis and processing of information. So we collaborate with international experts for conducting Forensics (technological research and electronic devices), and Corporate Compliance services we can offer.


Our training as Detectives is based on training in private investigation. Accredited training in the countries of the European environment. We also have extensive training in the field of Integrated Security Management. Training is essential for the evaluation of business risks and infrastructure. Capabilities for both the assessment of these risks and for finding solutions to reduce them.

We also have training in Criminology, Criminal Investigation and Crime, as well as training regarding Crime and Urban Tribes.

All this knowledge and experience have their meeting point at ANDetectius, serving of both companies, lawyers and individuals for action ready in the Principality of Andorra.

With the aim to be leaders not only in Andorra but be leaders in private investigation at European level.