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With the aim of being a reference and a tool of support for the lawyers of Andorra, we offer a whole series of services adapted to the needs that can have both the lawyers and their clients. We can be a key support for the lawyers, obtaining the necessary evidence to reinforce their action, improving the defense of their clients.

Investigations towards the lawyers of the Principat d’Andorra.

  • Missing person:

We help you finding missing persons. Either to be able to cite them to a court or to be able to make a claim of debts.

  • Divorces / separations:

We help you find evidence that can strengthen your client’s negotiating position in a divorce or separation process.

  • Child Custody:

Check if the minimum care and obligations are being met regarding children custody cases.

  • Assets locating:

We seek exhaustively for income or assets that a debtor may have. This will allow you to have better information regarding the borrower solvency and to better assess next steps.

  • Digital Forensics:

We perform forensic analysis of computer and digital devices. Essential to discover situations of computer spying, computer fraud, computer sabotage, digital identity supplant, information leakage, recovery of deleted information, etc.

  • Information leakage:

We localize the people and tools used to leak interested information, either to discredit your client or to benefit the competitors.

  • Business Intelligence:

We help you in the search of information, as well as work with the information that your customers have, to find vulnerabilities. It improves the integral security, be it informatics, corporate or business.

  • Other services:

The needs of lawyers change according to each case and file on which they work. That is why we offer the possibility of adapting our services to the needs of lawyers. The only purpose will always be to provide good service and coverage to its customers.


If you have any doubts or want to expand the information about any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us and we will attend to you with total discretion.