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Business investigations that may be of interest to you. Check which service fits your needs:

  • Pre-employment research:

Get relevant information about the work experience of the candidate, counselor or partner who wants to join the company.

  • Work absenteeism:

Check if your worker does not fulfill his / her work obligations.

  • Checking lesions:

Find out if the worker is pretending or lengthening a medical discharge.

  • Internal Theft:

Check the actual situation of the company, checking if any of the workers carry out thefts of material of the company.

  • Mysterious client:

Make an external assessment of the quality of the services offered in your company.

  • Control of merchandise and commercial:

Find out why merchandise disappears or because it lowers the job quality of commercial equipment.

  • Intrusiveness and unfair competition:

Find out if there are competitors who do not have the permits and licenses to offer their services.

  • Locate a debtor:

Know where a debtor is and its financial situation.

  • Report a claim for debt:

We deliver the notifications on your behalf to ensure that the debtor receives the notice.

  • Supplier and customer reports:

Get the maximum information from your suppliers and customers.

  • Patents and trademarks:

Obtain reliable information if you have infringed a patent or trademark.

  • Corporate Intelligence:

Information leaks, industrial espionage and counterespionage, sabotage, share disputes, digital attacks, etc.

  • Digital Forensics:

Digital research within the company.

  • Digital security:

We analyze and verify security on a computer and digital scale. We push your ability to defend yourself to find your digital vulnerabilities.

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