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Private and family investigations that we can offer to our clients. We guarantee absolute confidentiality with our clients, for their tranquility and for the success of the investigation.

Private services most in demand:

  • Infidelity:

Find out if your partner is seeing someone else.

  • Child Custody:

Know if the conditions established in child custody agreements are met, as well as whether the children receive the necessary care by the other part involved.

  • Pre-marital research:

Get reliable information from your partner as a step prior to starting the marriage process, as well as his/her past.

  • Gender violence:

We help you to obtain evidence of this violence and ensure that the restraining order is served.

  • Location of people:

We locate missing persons. Whether for family reasons or for economic reasons.

  • Addictions:

We check if a family member or someone important to you has an addiction that changes his/her attitude.

  • Parental control:

Has your child changed his or her attitude in a dangerous way? Have they gone to study abroad and you suffer for their safety or the bad influences he/she may have? We can made an investigation adapted to these situations.

  • Control of domestic service:

Investigations specially adapted for the control of the domestic service that is in charge of the care to the elderly or the children.

  • Inheritance:

Know all the information of the assets available because of an inheritance. Check if any family member has died and what part of the inheritance you should receive.

  • Locate a debtor:

We locate your debtors, as well as make a study of the economic feasibility of initiating a claim.


Contact us to receive more information on these investigations. We adapt our services to the needs of our clients.

For any other investigation you need, we will study with you the feasibility of carrying it out. Do not hesitate to contact us.